Data Simulations

We provide simulated customer and other datasets for the following applications:

  • Evaluation of data mining and other analysis and modelling tools.  Simulated data, which contains known patterns and features, provides a rigorous test-bed to complement actual data supplied by the client;

  • Training in the use of software tools, where a carefully controlled data environment is essential and/or where the client cannot mobilise the relevant data;
  • "Visioning" - where a client may not yet have assembled data to support data science work and it is necessary to demonstrate to client management the potential for data-driven approaches, especially the benefits of decision analytics, modelling and data mining;
  • Business modelling.  An "artificial customer base", which mimics the client's own base, but which also embodies behavioural assumptions and models, can be used to explore "what-if" scenarios. For example, exploring the impact of changes in business practices or developments in the external marketplace. Such an artificial base will typically incorporate actual customer data in conjunction with a data simulation.

We have a number of off-the-shelf datasets available (details supplied on request) and can also create customised solutions for specific client requirements.  There is no limit (in principle) to the volume of data that can be provided and in some situations we will supply the necessary programs for the client to generate the simulated data in its own environment.