Research and Development

Greater data availability (especially transaction data) and new data sources are creating exciting opportunities.  Conventional data mining and modelling methods are being pushed to the limit and new datasets are often poorly understood in terms of the value they can bring to decision support.  Clients cannot rely on established off-the-shelf products (either software or data) to deliver the best solutions. 

We can assist clients by carrying out research into new methodologies and data, leveraging our own mathematical and statistical skills as well as academic and on-line resources .  The results from such work might include:

  • A novel integration of techniques from within an established toolset such as R, SAS or SPSS - delivered in the form of scripts or macros;

  • Recommendations for the creation of new derived data from client and external sources (for example, transaction pattern summaries or geodemographics which combine customer and external data);
  • A specification for a new methodology which would then be coded in-house by the client or outsourced to an agency or academic group.